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From a light and nutritious salad, to our perfect for two platters, through to our amazing Tapas menu, we have something for every occasion. We cater for group bookings and private celebrations and will be pleased to discuss a menu or tasting selections to suit your needs.

From the bar we offer a carefully selected carte de vin, a range of masterfully mixed cocktails, an extensive selection of international spirits and beers plus our range of local artisan ales by Ibosim.



The Tapas Menu

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The Tapas Menu

Our Menu


We aim to strike a perfect balance between our customers’ tried and tested favourites, alongside some fresh new innovations from the Tapas Chefs.

Fresh does not stop at ideas either. Every item on the menu is sourced fresh and local. Nothing frozen, nothing processed, and that’s the way we like it.

Look out for our daily specials, we often include some of Chef’s latest culinary delights so you could be getting a sneak peak at a future menu favourite.

Dietary Requirements

We believe that patrons with specific dietary requirements deserve to enjoy their meal with a wide range of choice. The Tapas menu is designed with this in mind, and we currently offer 24 dishes that are, or can be adapted to, vegan and vegetarian, similarly 32 gluten free and 23 dairy free. We will be pleased to accommodate any other dietary requirements – if it is in our power, we will do it, and with this in mind the greater notice you can give us, the greater the likelihood we can do so.



Finally, and particularly for those new to Tapas, we have to give a particular mention to what has become something of a house special – Popeye. We would be the first to agree it sounds an odd combination of ingredients, and it does little to commend itself visually – a decidedly un-photogenic dish. Despite these reasons to be fearful, Popeye is one of our most popular dishes, and if sharing your first visit with some regular patrons do not be surprised when they wax lyrical in recommending our little Spinach dish.



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