We are very proud to be partners with IbizaPreservation. A non-profit foundation created in 2008 to help protect and restore the natural resources of Ibiza and Formentera. 

The work that IbizaPreservation are doing promotes the conservation and regeneration of the unique natural heritage of Ibiza and Formentera, by implementing and managing strategic environmental projects across the two islands. 

Currently, the funds raised are mainly used for these five strategic projects. 

Current Projects

Ibiza Produce: 

This project focuses on promoting the consumption of local products, and the reduction of food waste. 

While simultaneously promoting a more sustainable food system through regenerative farming techniques that safeguard the health of the soil and produce better-quality crops. Subsequently helping to preserve and regenerate the island’s soils and landscapes. 

Ibiza Produce initiated a project in 2022, revitalising 17 hectares of abandoned land using regenerative techniques. Including rotation of livestock to aid with carbon sequestration. And planting around 800 fruit trees, berries and medicinal plants. 

As this project expands, the increase in consumer demand translates into increased farming, year on year.

Plastic Free Ibiza & Formentera (PFIF):

Gradually phasing out single-use plastics in Ibiza and Formentera is the main focus of this project.

Amazingly the 10-month pilot phase of the Plastic Free Balearics certification developed jointly by IbizaPreservation and Mallorca’s Save the Med prevented 16 tonnes of plastic from entering the supply chain throughout the Balearics. 

Plastic is not just rubbish clogging up our beaches and shores, but it also affects the marine environment, endangering the species that live there. It’s even become part of our food chain, so much so that recent studies have detected microplastics in human organs and our bloodstream.

Ibiza Sustainability Observatory: 

The Sustainability Observatory project started in 2018 to track the evolution of socio-environmental issues on Ibiza from a data-driven, scientific perspective. The aim is to guide priorities and actions for the conservation of the island from a position of knowledge.

A small team gathers and analyses data annually across a range of indicators such as biodiversity, water, energy, territory and tourism. These annual studies are seen as a crucial tool to help inform debate and promote more sustainable solutions.

Posidonia Protection: 

Preservation and protection of the Posidonia meadows is essential in order to keep the waters crystal clear and full of life, and educate future generations about the importance of protecting ecosystems. 

Sadly, according to a study by GEN-GOB and financed by IbizaPreservation, 55% of the Posidonia meadows in Cala Vedella are already dead, and continuing to shrink. Boats anchoring illegally in the meadows and discharging pollutants into the water are the key driving factors for their destruction, with around 2,000 boats crossing between Ibiza and Formentera daily at the height of the season.

A three-hour workshop about Responsible Boating has been developed, aimed at charter companies and skippers. The workshop shares basic concepts about marine diversity, increasing the understanding of the negative consequences of common behaviour and promoting best practices. 

Protecting Ibiza’s Lizards: 

An urgent project defending Ibiza’s iconic reptile from invasive snakes. 

The Ibiza wall lizard is endemic to both Ibiza and Formentera. However, the species is seriously endangered due to the proliferation of invasive snakes. They began to arrive from the mainland in the 2000s, mainly in the trunks of imported trees. The situation is so severe that several recent studies indicate that the lizard, which has been present on the islands since before the first humans arrived 4000 years ago, could soon become extinct.  

2023 has seen an expansion of activities to support the cause with the installation of both sanctuaries and traps across the island. As well as lobbying for the strict enforcement of new legislation controlling the entry of imported trees and seeking reinforced protection for the endangered species at EU levels. 

Final Thoughts

Across all of the programmes that IbizaPreservation runs, one of their key focuses is to raise awareness, whether it be about regenerative farming techniques, the reduction of food and plastic waste, or the better protection of our marine life. By engaging in the conversation about what we can do both collectively and as individuals, we can all play a key role in helping to maintain the natural beauty of the islands. 

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