Wij zijn open! Ibiza Zomer 2021

Met meer positief nieuws van de Spaanse regering, voelen we ons nog positiever over het zomerseizoen van Ibiza. Nieuwe openingstijden. We zijn zo blij dat we open zijn.

With more positive news from the Spanish government yesterday. We are feeling even more positive about the Ibiza Summer 2021 Season. We are now allowed to open “without interruption”. This means we can open a bit earlier in the evenin, although the close time remains a firm 10:30 pm.

But we are pleased with this development. And happy that we can extend our evening dining slots to accommodate more of you. Our new opening times will be in place for the next two weeks, until the next announcement.

New Opening Times:

Monday – Saturday 6:00pm – 10:30pm

Sunday 1:00pm – 7:00pm Tapas Ibiza

Hoe gaat het nu met het eiland? 

Having been open at Tapas since the end of March. We have seen a steady increase in tourism over the last couple of weeks. Welcoming a lovely selection of international diners visiting from the mainland, Holland, Germany, France, Australia, Belgium, and Switzerland… hold tight England, it will be your turn soon!

There is a definite buzz about the island at the moment, with the temperature hotting up, and more and more Opening Parties being announced every day. That coupled with a steady flow of European tourists arriving on the island, bringing with them a positive attitude toward travel and tourism.

Omdat de regels elke twee weken veranderen, denken we dat de meest gegooglede vraag op Ibiza op dit moment "restaurants nu open op Ibiza?" en we zijn er trots op een van hen te zijn.

De media zouden ons in een emotionele achtbaan kunnen brengen. Maar we zijn ervan overtuigd dat bedrijven, klanten en toeristen allemaal de regels kennen. En het is tijd voor iedereen om van het leven te genieten, alleen met een beetje extra voorzichtigheid voor nu... 

Wat staat er momenteel op het menu bij Tapas?

We have opened with a smaller team for now. So we have a slightly smaller Tapas menu available. But don’t worry, there is still plenty of choice. The Tapas Kitchen is certainly making up for it with some fantastic daily specials to get your taste buds going.

On Sundays, we have also been enjoying flying the “Zondag Gebraden” flag for our Relish Restaurant & Pool Bar. With Relish’s Head Chef joining us every Sunday to prepare his famous Sunday feast, here at Tapas until Relish opens back up for the season.

We have also been enjoying experimenting with a few new dishes, for our Relish’s ‘World Tapas’ Menu and some new creations for our house cocktails menus. Lots of exciting things to come this Summer.

Final Thoughts..

We just want to say a massive thank you to Ibiza’s wonderful local and international residents, who have shown us unwavering support. And to all the new faces that have joined us, it has been a pleasure getting to know you. We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new tourists and hearing their experiences over the last year or so. And last, but by no means least, thanks to our wonderful, supportive, hard-working team, we couldn’t do it without you. Thanks to all of you, we can do what we love, and we couldn’t be happier… Thank You. Team Tapas X.

If you are on the island, and fancy visiting us. We are recommending een tafel reserveren aangezien we op sommige dagen beperkt beschikbaar zijn!

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