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Special Booking for Groups of Ten or More …

We understand that larger groups need special care and attention to ensure the best possible dining experience.


We steer group bookings towards the earlier hours of service. We know from experience that this ensures your visit is as smooth and pleasurable as possible, without the potential difficulties of later times, such as adjoining tables not becoming free at the right time.

We therefore offer group booking reservations up to 7.30pm by default. If you need a later time please call us on +34 971 34 11 25 to discuss. There may be other options we can offer such as a private area within our garden bar. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Tasting Menu

We offer groups the option of our specially selected tasting menu, which many clients find makes the dining experience far less stressful – leaving you to enjoy your time whilst we take care of the order.

At a fixed price of 40€ per head including wine and water, the tasting menu includes our selection of dishes to satisfy a wide range of tastes, including our most popular plates and some special surprises. (The current tasting menu is shown a little further down the page)

We are happy to adjust the balance of Tapas according to the number of Vegetarian and Vegan diners,  and of course you can always supplement the taster menu with any additional dishes that take your fancy on the night.

Ultimately the choice is yours, whether choosing our tasting menu or from the full menu, we will look forward to serving you.

How To Book

  1. Complete the booking form below.
  2. If the date and time requested is available we will send confirmation, and also request a 10€ per person deposit.
  3. The deposit can be easily paid online.
  4. As soon as the deposit is paid the booking is confirmed and fixed in the diary.

In the unfortunate situation of not being able to offer the date and time selected, we will do our best to offer a suitable alternative.

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The 2020 Tapas Taster Menu Will Be Available Shortly


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