Restaurants, table deposits and dreaded no-shows!

Why do restaurants take card details and deposits? Mainly to cover them against the loss of business from no-shows. And to make sure they can cater for as many guests as possible.

Why do restaurants take card details and deposits?

Like many restaurants these days. Taking card details and deposits for reservations protects businesses from no-shows.

Most clients are happy to leave their card details to confirm that they will arrive on the date and time of their reservation. However, understandably, some people still question the financial obligation. 

Let’s clear up the most common confusion about leaving your card details.
  • You are not charged anything when you leave your card details with us.
  • You can cancel the table in advance, without charge. (Please see our reservation terms and conditions for full details).
  • You will only be charged the no-show fee if you do not arrive for your reservation.
Here’s why leaving your details can help us out. 

Ultimately, we want to be able to cater for as many of you as possible. If reservations don’t show on the night, tables can be sat empty waiting for their reservations to arrive. While other guests are patiently waiting for a table to be free. Or even worse, guests are turned away at the door as the waiting list is already full. 

It isn’t that restaurants are trying to win something over on you, far from it. This simple act simply protects restaurants from the all too common problem. No-shows!

Here are reasons for taking deposits & card details.
  • Guests are more likely to honour their reservations when entering a financial agreement. 
  • If something unexpected does come up. Customers are more likely to cancel their reservations in advance. 
  • To better manage the nightly seating plan. So tables aren’t being held for guests who aren’t coming
  • To better manage our waiting lists. Once the maximum number of guests are waiting, clients are turned away at the door. Encouraging them to book for another night.
  • For larger group bookings, extra staff may have to be brought in. Therefore, all additional costs should be covered in case of a no-show. 
  • Finally, to help the kitchen prepare for service. The chefs look at the reservations to roughly gauge the expected nightly covers. 

The proof is in the numbers. 

In the 2023 Summer season, we had 870 bookings marked as no-shows. That amounted to a wapping 2558 guests. This can quickly add up to a significant amount in lost revenue.

Ultimately, we want all of you to have the best possible experience while dining at Tapas. And if this means not waiting so long for a table, that’s considered a win. The company philosophy states ‘All guests are to leave the restaurant wowed by their experience’. The aim is to take care of all the little details. Therefore ensuring you have the best possible time at Tapas.

In all honesty, if you plan to dine with us anyway, and want to reserve a table. Then you don’t lose anything anyway. It just covers both of us.

Like most restaurants, the reservation terms and conditions are easily accessible. So, if you do wish to cancel your table, you can do so without incurring any charge. For smaller tables, even a few hours before you are due to dine with us helps manage the table plan. 

Merci pour votre compréhension.  


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