The Seductively Sublime Allure of Saintly Scallops

The Seductively Sublime Allure of Saintly Scallops

Jennifer-Nash Jennifer Nash, Food Blogger & Journalist  

You’ve likely seen scallops adorning menus at menu restaurants in Ibiza. But what do you really know about them, beyond that they make for a truly tasty morsel?

For one, they’re molluscs that fall into the group of bivalves. For another, and this might just be the thing you trot out with your dining companions when your order of Tapas Scallops arrives at your table, they can swim.

They are also hermaphrodites that can change their sex throughout the course of their lives.

And now that you’ve got your table really talking, there’s even more to behold about scallops. Like the way that they taste. Scallop shells were the traditional emblem for Saint James the Great, so they’ve been feasted upon for at least that long. And we’ll probably be feasting on them for years to come.

Saint James has been adopted as the Patron Saint of Spain. One of Jesus’ first disciples, he is said to have risen after his beheading at the hands of Herod and preached Christianity in Spain during the first century A.D. He is also known as Santiago Matamoros, translated as Saint James the moor slayer, and though the battle that the slaying is said to have taken place probably never even took place, Saint James became a cornerstone ideological icons that went to form Spain’s national identity. Interesting stuff and you can read more about Saint James the Great here.

Saint James feast day is July 25th, so next year perhaps Tapas will come up with some scallop special in his honour.

What is it about scallops that are so divine? When you taste our Tapas Scallops for example, that soft, subtle texture is almost buttery. It has a slight chew to it, indicative of being cooked to perfection. We pan-fry our and serve it on to of wilted spinach leaves. Then we bedazzle it with a dressing you’ll crave in your dreams.

scallops can swim in open water
                  scallops can swim in open water

The Asian-inspired dressing is a glorious way to adorn Spanish tapas. It’s a dressing of sweet chilli, lime, and coriander. It’s refreshing with a hint of citrus, a bit of spice and a mesmerising treat for the palate.

It’s one of our most popular tapas. If you haven’t had them, come see for yourself. And if you have, we can’t wait to make them for you again soon!

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