The Cocktail Hours, 2 for 10€, 4-7pm, Daily

The Cocktail Hours, 2 for 10€, 4-7pm, Daily

Nothing beats the gentle transition from afternoon to evening like a classy cocktail or two, especially when the ‘or two’ comes at the bargain price of 10€.

An afternoon on the beach, or the lunchtime shift at work. Some wallet busting boutique shopping in Ibiza Town, or catching up with chores. However your day has been so far there is nothing quite like settling down with the late sun on your face with an expertly mixed ice cold cocktail in hand.

As good as that experience is, we like it even more when there is a deal to be had, and that’s where Tapas comes in.

Plan your evening ahead with any two of our range of delicious cocktails for only 10€ during the cocktail hours of 4 to 7pm, every day of the week.

Choose from any of the following, but aside from a reminder of the great saving you are making you can forget the price. Choose any two for just 10€

mojito (classic), dark rum, brown sugar, mint and soda, 8.00€

tapas mojito, white rum, lime, sugar, mixed berry puree, mint and soda, 8.50€                     

gin and cucumber mojito, gin, lemon, cucumber, sugar, mint and soda, 9.00€

caipirinha, cachaca, lime brown sugar and sugar syrup, 8.00€

frozen daiquiri, strawberry/banana/passion fruit, white rum, lime, fruit, sugar syrup, 9.00€       

paradise lost, vodka, cava, strawberry puree and agave syrup, 8.00€

respect your elder(flower)s, gin, lemon, elderflower, apple juice and mint, 8.00€

cookie monster, caramel vodka, ice cream, milk and oreos, 9,00€                               

bloody mary, classic/gin/tequila/virgin, 8.00€

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