Why do restaurants take card details and deposits? Mainly to cover them against the loss of business from no-shows. And to make sure they can cater for as many guests as possible.
Sometimes life just calls for something a bit different, sometimes that 'something’ is a refreshing drink, without alcohol. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a drink that excites and delights them.
Owners Becky & Tony have put all their energy and focus into their business for a decade. Here is their story so far...
Tapas Owners Becky & Tony are raising money for Home and Homes for Children in their upcoming challenges.
Mit großem Stolz können wir verkünden, dass wir zum zweiten Mal in Folge den TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award 2021 gewonnen haben.
Mit weiteren positiven Nachrichten von der spanischen Regierung sehen wir der Sommersaison auf Ibiza noch positiver entgegen. Neue Öffnungszeiten. Wir sind so froh, dass wir geöffnet haben.