Wir haben gewonnen! wieder…

Mit großem Stolz können wir verkünden, dass wir zum zweiten Mal in Folge den TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award 2021 gewonnen haben.

It is with great pride (and happy tears in our eyes). We can announce that we have won the TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Award 2021. For the second year running!

For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award celebrates restaurants that consistently deliver a fantastic experience to travellers around-the-world. The hospitality industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. And more so those that are located in seasonal tourist destinations.

In these particularly challenging times, we are extremely proud that we have managed to stand out again, by providing great service and a memorable experience to our lovely guests. We only managed 3 months of trade in 2020, but we made those 3 months count as best we could.

Diese Auszeichnung bringt uns in die Top 10% der Restaurants weltweit, weil wir unseren Kunden ein konstant großartiges Erlebnis bieten. Darauf kann man wirklich stolz sein!

With all this in mind, we want to thank our fantastic team for working so hard in these challenging times. Sweating through their masks, adhering to the ever-changing and sometimes illogical rules and restrictions. And generally doing what they can to help us keep the business going in these hard times.

Special thanks to our wonderful Kitchen team, led by our fantastic Head Chef Alex. For consistently preparing amazing, innovative dishes that our customers are wowed by.
Thanks to the wonderful Bar team, led by our creative Bar Manager Ben. For inventing some amazing moreish house cocktails, and much more.
Finally thanks to the ever-smiling front-of-house team. For making sure everyone receives a warm welcome and a truly memorable experience.

And to everyone who has done their bit to make Tapas what it is today…

And mostly, thanks to you, our loyal customers. For your consistent support. Whether you have shared a review of your experience on TripAdvisor, or on google. Dined with us. Told your friends about us. Made an insta-story and tagged us in it. Shared a post, or liked a posts. Or even are just reading this blog, it all counts. And we are very grateful.

Wir machen uns jetzt auf den Weg, um eine Flasche mit etwas Sprudelndem zu öffnen, und wir freuen uns darauf, in den nächsten Wochen der Saison und für viele weitere Jahre noch mehr von Ihnen bei Tapas begrüßen zu dürfen.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.. TEAM TAPAS
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