Tapas Restaurant & Lounge Bar – Social Inclusion Statement

Tapas Restaurant & Lounge Bar – Social Inclusion Statement

We do not discriminate on the grounds of capacity, dietary (choice and necessity), gender, physicality, race, religion, sexuality, or any other area of social exclusion.

We will try to provide our service observing any particular needs or observances due to capacity, dietary, gender, physicality, race, religion, sexuality, or any other area of social exclusion, where it is in our ability to do so.

Statement & Ownership

Within this statement use of the word ‘Tapas’ and any personal pronoun, is to be accepted as ‘Tapas Restaurant & Lounge Bar’.
This is a living policy. It will grow in-depth and scope, and evolve in thinking and understanding. All aspects of social inclusion will come from a starting point of intent, and develop into adoption and policy.

Policy Content & Participation

We appreciate feedback and commentary from customers whether directly affected by these issues or not. It must be recognised that beyond the scope of any relevant legislation, issues of discrimination, terminology and correctness, are often subjective and that it is impossible to satisfy the views of all. To avoid the unrealistic expectation of consideration of every emerging viewpoint across this entire spectrum, we will where possible subscribe to the policies of an organisation or think tank we feel are in line with our own broad view of non-discrimination and have credibility in their field. Where appropriate we will convey opinions and requests made by people back to these organisations referring to their ‘fit’ with policy.

Respect & Consideration.

This policy statement is issued with the application of a ‘respect and consideration’ expectation in all regards and applied on top of each section of policy.

  • Our clients have the right to enjoy their visit in comfort and without molestation.
  • Our staff have the right to work without harassment, abuse or objectification.
  • Complaints will be resolved excluding issues of discrimination.

Working Example of Policy.

In this example we refer to a transgender person. For the purposes of the examples we use the term ‘transgender person’ regardless of relevance to their sexuality. The same situations applied to race, gender, religion, sexuality, physicality etc., would elicit the same responses.

A customer complains because they object to a transgender person sitting on the adjacent table.

Reaction: Their only complaint is one of discrimination on the grounds of sexuality. We would tell the customer that their objection was unreasonable, whilst we would not address their issue, we would accept their cancellation if they wished to leave.

A customer complains because a transgender person has pulled up a chair to their table uninvited and is talking at them on transgender issues.

Reaction: We would defend our customer’s right to enjoy their visit in comfort and without molestation. The act of joining another table without invitation is unacceptable. The issue of the sexuality of the person who has done so, or the subject they are speaking about is an irrelevance.

A customer complains because a transgender person on the next table has spoken to them.

Reaction: We don’t know. Not every situation can be dealt with by policy, however well intended. It is not unusual for a customer to engage another, that itself is not unacceptable. We will take reference from the situation. If the customer’s complaint referenced the transgender person in identification of their sexuality, and particularly in a negative connotation of their sexuality, it may steer us towards feeling their complaint was discriminatory, but all circumstance considered on their merit.

A member of staff is verbally objectified by a transgender person.

Reaction: Our staff have the right to work without objectification. The sexuality of the person making the objectification is irrelevant. It give no greater or lesser right to do so.

A transgender person says they have experienced discrimination from our staff in service.

Reaction: We must consider the individual circumstances however in reflecting the difficulty some people have in knowing how to put an outlook of non-discrimination into practice, we include the University of Davis Campus LGBTQIA ally guidance in our staff induction.


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