Explore: The Seven Wonders of Ibiza

Explore the 7 Wonders of Ibiza. On an island with so much to offer, here is something a bit different.

There are so many places in Ibiza that are globally famous, that they appear in your mind at the mere mention of Ibiza. Think Sunsets at Cafe Mambo, dancing the night away at Amnesia, enjoying the magic of Es Vedra or wandering around the Dalt Vila (Ibiza Old Town). However, if you scratch a little bit deeper, there is so much more to this little island that is loved so much by so many. Check out our 7 Wonders of Ibiza. 

There are so many wonderful places just waiting to be discovered. Between the luxury VIP hot spots, health & wellness retreats and the infamous nightlife options.

Discreetly tucked away, Ibiza has numerous hidden gems, that are all the more impressive when you eventually find them.

How many have you been to?

1. Festival Club – The Abandoned Club

In 1969 work began on the grand scheme of Festival Club. An impressive open-air music venue. Set in the forested hill close to San Josep. The club eventually opened in 1974. However, the fuel crisis of 1973 caused air travel to become very expensive, subsequently causing a sizeable dip in tourism. Sadly Festival Club had to close its doors before it ever had a chance to get going.

Since then, the beautiful abandoned venue has slowly been reclaimed by nature. And thoroughly decorated by local graffiti artists. With an ever-evolving display of some impressive (and some not-so-impressive) artwork. 

This first from our wonders of Ibiza is easy to get to and well worth a visit. Just imagine how amazing it would have been during the few years it was open. 

How to find the Festival Club

2. Sa Caleta

You get three for the price of one with our second Wonder of Ibiza candidate.

  • On the cliffs close to the popular beach Sa Caleta, you will find some recently well-restored military forts. Excitingly, you can go in them too! The forts were positioned here during the Spanish Civil War as a lookout point, with eyes on the island’s airport. The views across to Salinas and the airport are fantastic from here.
  • You can also enjoy an archaeological site. Consisting of some ruins of an ancient Phoenician settlement. Presumably positioned here for the same reason as the military fort. 
  • Finally, you can visit the massively Instagramable and not-so “Secret Tunnel”. The Sa Caleta tunnel leads you to a lookout point, with views of the beautiful beach below.

Sa Caleta is also the birthplace of the delicious drink Cafe Caleta. Everyone recognises Hierbas as the local drink of the island, but if you get the chance give “Cafe Caleta* a try. 

Legend has it that the drink originated with the fisherman from the bay of Sa Caleta. The idea was that they would encourage the monks from the nearby monastery at Es Cubells to join them in raising a toast, without knowing they were drinking alcohol. Cafe Caleta is coffee laced with whisky & rum, seasoned with cinnamon sticks and citrus fruits, and finally loaded with sugar. It is dangerously easy to drink too…

Local vineyard Can Rich has a wonderful version of this drink in its collection.

How to find Sa Caleta Wonders.
Head to Sa Caleta beach, follow the path to the left of the beach (as you look out to sea) you can easily find these ‘wonders’. 

3. Cala d’en Serra

Like our first Wonders of Ibiza option, here you have another abandoned project that is well worth a visit. Behind the beach of Cala d’en Serra, you will find a half-finished luxury hotel complex. Photographed by all budding explorers to the island, due to some wonderfully creative graffiti.

Work started on the luxury hotel resort complex in 1969 by an acclaimed architect, Josep Lluis Sert. He was exiled from America at the time. Therefore, due to his status, he couldn’t be accredited as the architect for the project. Despite their best attempts, the project was put on hold and abandoned completely after Sert died in 1983.

There have been many conflicting plans as to what should happen to this half-finished project. Some say it is an eyesore that should be torn down to restore the natural beauty of the cove of Cala d’en Serra. Others argue that it is an important work of cultural heritage. Plans were drawn up to complete the complex, in a style sympathetic to Sert’s original design. However, due to a downturn in the island’s tourist economy in the early 2000s, this didn’t happen either. 

How to find Cala d’en Serra 

4. Atlantis

This magical spot is probably our Wonders of Ibiza contender that will take the most effort to enjoy. Is it a long steep walk down (and then back up again!). But it is well worth it. 

Sa Pedera de Cala d’Hort is the real name of Atlantis. Only being named ‘Atlantis’ in the 1960s by hippies in honour of the mythical sunken city.

Once a sandstone quarry. Blocks were cut out and used as building materials. They were then shipped to nearby towns and used to build the walls of Dalt Vila among other things. This is what gives the landscape its bizarre asymmetrical shape. The natural seawater pool is lovely for a swim, while a bit pungent in the Summer. Additionally, there are lots of interesting sandstone carvings to enjoy. 

There isn’t a set path to Atlantis, all paths lead down by various routes. However, we recommend you head to the righthand side at the start of the descent. About halfway down you will come across a peaceful plateau. Here you will find a sort-of cave with a beautiful painting of “Buddha of Atlantis”. Painted by a Japanese artist in the 1970’s.

Although recently some misguided individuals spray-painted graffiti over this significant piece of art. Thankfully, on this occasion, the story has a happy ending. On discovering the vandalism, some good-hearted locals lovingly restored the painting to its former glory. 

If you choose to visit Atlantis and all there is to see here. We highly recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and don’t forget to take water with you.  

How to find Atlantis 
Go to the Es Vedra Mirador parking. Then head around to the left after the car park. You will find a stone circle which marks the start of the descent to Atlantis. 

*Do not leave any valuables in your car, sadly thieves operate in this area. 

5. Crystal Hunting, near Portinatx 

I don’t think anyone would disagree that Ibiza has something special about it. An indescribable “something” that you feel when you step off the plane. Something that draws you back to the island time and time again.

I have put a great deal of thought into this over the years. And I think there are a few contributing factors…

It could be because Ibiza is largely made up of clear quartz crystals. Clear quartz also known as crystal quartz or rock crystal has many healing properties and is known as the “master healer”. Clear Quartz is also said to increase energy, clarity, calmness and harmony as well as the aforementioned healing properties. Not only does it draw in all these wonderful properties, but it is also said to draw off negative energies of all kinds. Win-win.

Of course, other factors that should be mentioned include the magnetic properties of the famous Es Vedra, said to be the third most magnetic point on Earth. The myths and legends surrounding neighbouring Atlantis (See our previous Wonder of Ibiza). And the romantic powers of the island’s Goddess Tanit.

That and the obvious 300 days of sunshine 80+ beautiful beaches, and the anything-goes vibe of the island.

How to find Crystal Beach:

If you head to Portinatx, take the lovely coastal walk from the most easterly beach in the town. So you are heading towards the impressive Portinatx Lighthouse (Moscarter Lighthouse). After the lighthouse, keep following the coast a bit further. Eventually, you arrive down into a small valley close to the water’s edge.
Keep an eye on the ground as you take each step, and soon you will start to notice a few shining crystals in the soil. Once you start seeing them, you will see them everywhere. So be patient at first.

If you continue this walk along the path through the small valley, eventually you will come to a small peddle beach, a perfect picnic spot. This lovely walk is suitable for all ability levels, but as ever be sure to take enough water with you, and wear comfortable shoes. 

6. Time and Space – The Speed of Light  

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the “Time and Space” installation by sculptor Andrew Rogers. This impressive giant sundial was prepared in Turkey, shipped to Ibiza, and installed in the space of a week in 2014.

The sculpture consists of thirteen solid columns. It is located close to the cliff edge, with views of the ever-mystical Es Vedra. 

The tallest column is ten metres high, with the top decorated in 23-carat gold to reflect the setting sun on the day of the Winter Solstice.

‘The sequence is laid out around the circumference of an ellipse alluding to the trajectories of the planets moving around the sun. It is a vision of time and space, the interconnectedness of humanity.’ – Andrew Rogers

It is well worth a visit to enjoy the sheer scale of it, especially around sunset. 

As with most of our Wonders of Ibiza. This impressive Sundial isn’t the only thing to see here. You can also find the Purtas Can Soleil, also called “The Doors to Nowhere”. These two large doors have a lovely view across to Es Vedra, and between the two doors, there is a beautiful pebble floor. If you are looking for Instagramable Ibiza, you’ve found it. 

How to Find Time & Space 

7. Salinas Stone Carving

I first stumbled across the pretty stone carving many years ago. Whilst out enjoying a wintery beach walk from Es Cavallete to Salinas. The truth is I can’t find any concrete information about it online or anywhere else. But in my opinion, it doesn’t matter! Maybe this wonder of Ibiza is meant to be shrouded in mystery, like many other things on the island. 

It is located at the far end of Salinas Beach, past the famous Sa Trixa Beach Bar. If you follow the coast you will come across some small coves popular with nudists. At one of the larger coves, you will find this wonderful Sand Stone Carving. The best way to take in the stone is from all angles while enjoying a refreshing swim, weather permitting.

How to find the Stone Carving 

Please just remember a few simple rules when visiting any of these locations.

  • Be careful. 
  • Wear appropriate footwear.
  • Take water and snacks with you.
  • Take your rubbish away with you.
  • Do not leave any valuables in your car. 
  • Be respectful, so these wonders can be preserved for many more years to come, 
  • Have fun

We hope you enjoy our 7 Wonders of Ibiza as much as we do. 

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