Running for Hope & Homes

Tapas Owners Becky & Tony are raising money for Home and Homes for Children in their upcoming challenges.

As excited as we are about the Summer and everything that comes with it… Relaxing beach days, long lunches, great restaurants, cocktails to die for, dancing the night away…

This winter Tapas owners Tony & Becky have been putting their endless energy and enthusiasm to the test. And training hard…
Their grit and determination will finally be put to the test with their upcoming sporting challenges.


      • Tony will be running The Ibiza Marathon on Saturday 8th April 2022. 


        • And both Tony & Becky will be running The Ibiza Half Marathon on Sunday 1st May 2022.

      We are very aware that the world is all a bit upside down at the moment. With the horrific situation ongoing in Ukraine. The fallout from the conflict seems to be never-ending. Becky & Tony have chosen to run their marathons in aid of Hope and Homes for Children. A wonderful charity working closely with neighbouring Romania & Moldova. To help safely home orphaned children escaping from war-torn Ukraine. 

      Who are Hope and Homes for Children? 

      Hope and Homes has been working to transform the lives of children in orphanages since 1994. Today they are working with children in 30 countries. Where their teams of skilled, local child-protection professionals strive to keep families together, reunite or build new families.

      As the war in Ukraine intensifies, many people want to do something – anything – to help. By donating to their work in UkraineMoldova and Romania, you’ll be protecting children and families both now and in the aftermath of this horrible war. 

      READ MORE: About the Home and Homes Urgent Ukraine Appeal

      “We fight for every child to feel the love and belonging of a safe family home. 
      Every child needs someone who supports them & takes care of them,
      who wants them to be happy.
      Every child needs to know they are loved & they belong.” 

      Home and Homes for Children

      In the past month, Home and Homes have successfully moved children from Ukraine, into neighbouring Romania. Here they will be safe and cared for until they can return home. Sadly, with so much chaos comes a higher chance of children getting lost out of the system, and potentially being lost into trafficking too. This is why their Ukraine appeal is so time-sensitive.

      READ MORE: About the recent successful evacuation of 63 children

      “These children were evacuated in a coordinated fashion, only when the time was right, by the right professionals, and in conjunction with local authorities in Ukraine and Romania. It was a long journey, but the children are now safe and well, and receiving psychological support.

      We are ensuring that these children get what we demand for every child. They are tracked. That they are relocated to temporary safe accommodation, close to Ukraine. That they are not lost in faraway institutions around the world, or at risk of trafficking. That they are relocated with their caregivers (and their carers’ families) – the ones who know best the children’s individual needs, treatments or simply their preferences. They’ve been kept together.

      This evacuation is an example of best practice. And we demand the same for the 100,000 children left behind in Ukrainian orphanages.”

      Robert Ion, Spokesperson, Home and Homes for Children Romanian

      If you would like to donate to Becky & Tony. To give them the extra push that they need along the way to keep going to the finish line. All donations will be very gratefully received.

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