Vegan Food – Not Just for Vegans

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or have a dairy or gluten intolerance, or none of the above, there is something on the tapas menu for you.

At Tapas we pride ourselves on serving good food. Made with fresh local ingredients, as much as possible. Our theory is the fresher and better quality the ingredients, the better the final dish will taste. And the happier our loyal customers will be! 

High on our list of priorities when introducing items to the menu is ensuring we offer a wide selection of dishes. To cater for as many dietary requirements as possible. Whether you are Vegan, Vegetarian, have a dairy or gluten intolerance. There is something on our menu for you.

With all the latest research and the sheer amount of information available to us now. People are becoming more informed about where their food comes from. And generally more informed about the effects consumption of various foods has on your well-being, and our planet!

We want you to have the information about what you are eating. So we take care to list the ingredients on our menu, and clearly label the allergnes. Although we still won’t be giving away our safely guarded recipes, just yet anyway! 

“Consumers have become more aware of what they eat. People seek fresh products, which are natural, organic and minimally processed”

Focusing Future

Some of our fantastic vegan dishes that you can enjoy from our enticing menu.

  • Our Red Pesto Greens are an extremely popular new addition to the menu. These tasty veggies (broccoli, asparagus and green beans) have the wow factor.

  • We have a new Garlic Mushrooms option for you! Although these aren’t listed on the menu as vegan, we have been working away behind the scenes to prepare them so they can be prepared slightly differently. Making them super tasty, and vegan! (be sure to ask your waiter for this option)

  • Having done some research. We still aren’t 100% sure which came first the spicy tomato sauce & alioli bravas topping. Or the slightly sweeter Paprika sauce option. We introduced the Paprika Potatoes onto the menu as a tasty alternative. Although we have always been able to make the traditional Patatas Bravas with the vegan alioli, and still can. 

  • Super Green Quinoa Salad what’s not to love. As much as a vegan salad is relatively easy to put together. We have combined some fresh Summer flavours here to hold together this tasty and refreshing Summer salad.

  • Our Black Bean & Saukraut Salad. With fermented foods proven to be great for your gut health, this flavour combination salad is fresh tasty and great for your tummy.

  • What’s not to love about a Hummus Board, served with homemade cumin tortilla chips?

  • If you, like many others, LOVE alioli. You can still enjoy a “pan y alioli’ with our delicious Vegan Basil Alioli

  • A couple of firm favourites on our menu, the colourful and super tasty Broccoli & Chickpea Coconut Curry and the fruity Mixed Bean Tagine

  • And finally, if you want the real wow factor you have to try out our amazing Chocolate & Orange Tort, served with a delicious chocolate sauce. Unless you notice the “v” next to this dish, you wouldn’t know that this creamy dessert is vegan.

Vegan or Not, we are always keen to hear your feedback, and we hope you enjoy your experience at Tapas

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