Refreshingly Non Alcoholic

We have developed a new refreshing alcohol free menu. We want to offer something a bit different, that is not only refreshing and tasty, but offers interesting flavour combinations.

Our apparent intoxication with alcohol isn’t something that just happened over night. History tells us that as early as 9,000 years ago the ancient Chinese were making a primitive wine out of rice, honey and fruits. The Inca’s, The Ancient Egyptians, The Geeks, The Romans all produced and thoroughly enjoyed the effects of alcohol. 

It’s undeniable that alcohol has impacted religion, language and the arts, but it has had a profound influence on the shaping of our modern-day society and culture.

The alcohol industry is worth an estimated 1263 billion (USD) worldwide. In many ways it would be difficult imagining a western society without alcohol. Where do you go if you want meet up with friends in the evening? A Restaurant? A Bar? A Nightclub? Where-ever it is the chances are they will be serving alcohol, even if its not the ‘main attraction’.

In recent times, we have seen societies ideals about what we drink, where we drink and how we drink changing. Gone are the days where the only non- alcoholic option was a branded soft drink, or at least it’s getting there!

Now more than ever, people are very conscious of what they put into their bodies. A trend towards a “healthier lifestye” of reduced meat, vegetarian and vegan diets are on the rise. As well as increasing lean towards abstinence from alcohol. Of course this doesn’t mean that healthy people don’t drink, but as a whole people are thinking more about how much and how often they consume alcohol.

Additionally, *the ‘Hipster’ movement has had a massive effect on this movement. This alternative subculture started a backlash against generic mainstream pubs, restaurants and coffee shops. Instigated a wave of independent venues, whose main objective was to provide a different style. Offering less choice but better quality, we can now see many more wine bars, craft beer breweries, artisan bakers and coffee shops. 

With the lean towards quality not quantity, people are happier to pay more for a premium product, rather than drinking just to enjoy the after effects.  

We believe that as an industry we have a responsibility to create an environment where it is ok not to drink alcohol by providing exciting and interesting alternatives. 

“As an industry, we can be successful by pursuing a growth agenda that is responsible, driven by people drinking better, not more” 

Ivan Mendes – Cheif Executive, Diageo

So, what does this mean for Tapas?

With all this in mind, we have developed a new refreshing alcohol free menu. We want to offer something a bit different, that is not only refreshing and tasty, but offers interesting flavour combinations. We have put as much effort into creating this menu as we did our house cocktails menu. Combining interesting ingredients and flavours and offering a choice!   Firstly, we have a selection of homemade lemonades, the classic, a basil lemonade, pink grapefruit and finally a rosemary lemonade. These refreshing drinks are prepared in house by infusing our own cordials, by including the lemon zest these lemonades pack a punch.  Next, we have our selection of homemade iced teas. These teas are all cold brewed in house. By cold brewing them they don’t have tanins that can cause them to be bitter, so they naturally need less sugar making them much healthy than their commercial counterparts.  Finally we have our zero alcohol cocktails. Rather than just preparing the usual classic cocktail without alcohol, we created some drinks focused on creating a well rounded cocktail, that just happens to be non alcoholic. We really look forward to hearing your feedback, we are really proud of this menu, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. 

“People drinking better not more; is an opportunity, not a threat”.

Ivan Mendes – Cheif Executive, Diageo

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